JSKYE System Solutions

High-performance, easily configurable, everything you need

JSKYE System Solutions include everything you need to design and install high-performance JSKYE solar systems that meet the unique needs of your customers.

This flexible suite of solutions allows you to select only the products and services you need to optimize offerings and eliminate unnecessary costs. Choose two or three offerings, or the complete package for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness for your business. Your complete System Solutions can be delivered directly to you in one cohesive package.

Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) for Large-Scale Solar Projects

A recognized global solar leader, JSKYE has a proven track record in EPC services and large-scale solar systems. Our dedicated EPC team is backed of solar excellence, making JSKYE uniquely qualified to deliver seamless, cost-effective and highly efficient renewable energy solutions of every type and size.

JSKYE goes beyond world-class solar to ensure that all related systems capabilities. We have proven, established relationships with electrical equipment suppliers; electrical, mechanical and civil contractors; instrumentation and controls specialists; structural steel suppliers; and carport erectors, to name a few—all of who must clearly demonstrate capabilities that align with our exacting standards.

Project Management of Large Solar EPC Projects

JSKYE has utility scale solar power systems because we continually strive to be the best at what we do. Our project management team intelligently and insightfully oversees every project from inception to completion. We manage all design, supply and installation deliverables to ensure that your large-scale solar system is fully operational—on time and on budget.

State and Local Permitting

JSKYE is adept at navigating state and local permitting requirements. Our team works closely with our local partners and subcontractors to ensure that every project is fully in compliance with all applicable regulations.

Solar system development
Our system development expertise spans diverse market segments and grid-connected applications, included rooftop, ground-mounted and covered parking (carport) systems. JSKYE consistently leverages this experience and knowledge to deliver maximum return on investment. We measure our success using sophisticated, proprietary tools that evaluate and predict the value proposition for each new installation. This allows our customers to understand the financial impact of their solar investment in terms of internal rates of return, new present value, cash flow and other key financial metrics.

Quality manufacturing & production

At the heart of our superior clean energy output is our sophisticated crystal silicon production technologies. Unlike other solar alternatives, our solar panel manufacturing process begins and ends right here on Indonesia soil. We turn silicon ingots into cells, then assemble these cells into modules—which then form the backbone of some of the world’s most reliable, durable and trusted commercial solar systems. JSKYE has standardized and streamlined select parts of the design and engineering process. This forward-thinking approach minimizes cost, optimizes schedules and delivers extremely high performing systems.

Design Services

JSKYE provides complete system design services to reduce your in-house engineering requirements and allow greater focus on sales and installation. Our design services team consistently meets the highest standards and exceeds basic code compliance, and regularly incorporates solar “best practices” that are the result of designing thousands of solar systems throughout the Indonesia

We even created our own set of Design Guidelines that make safety, financial benefit and aesthetics of paramount importance.

Sales Proposals

JSKYE develops customized sales proposals for every potential installation. Each proposal forecasts energy production and financial returns over the system’s 25-year warranty period.

  • System performance estimates
  • Financial and payback information
  • Environmental impact analysis


Every System Solution begins with the highest quality solar module in the industry—the JSKYE solar panels. From plus sorted modules that out-produce nameplate power to industry leading warranties, our modules undergo rigorous testing above and beyond basic UL and TUV standards. The balance of system components (BOS) are even tested and retested by JSKYE prior to being incorporated into the program.

JSKYE System Solutions include:

  • JSKYE  solar panels
  • JSKYE mounting solutions
  • SMA, Enphase or Power One inverters
  • Wiring and cables
  • Electrical and mechanical plans
  • Monitoring solutions also available

Complete Solar Solutions

Whether your customer needs one of our System Solutions offerings or the complete package, JSKYE has a solution that is right for you. Choose from a selection of pre-engineered plans or we’ll custom engineer a system based on unique needs.

When it comes to solar, look no further than JSKYE.

System Solutions Pre-Engineered (PE) Solar Systems – Available in seven standard sizes that allow for easy configuration to meet unique needs and specific site requirements for pitched-roof installations. Simply determine the size of available roof space and desired energy production, then schedule the install.

System Solutions Custom Engineering (CE) Solar Systems – Fully custom-engineered systems from our experienced in-house design team meet the unique and exacting needs of customers who fall outside our pre-engineered systems.

Systems include:

  • JSKYE solar panels
  • Inverter(s) & compatible mounting system
  • Customized electrical and hardware layout drawings
  • National Electrical Code (NEC) compliant components