Solar energy storage
Nipress Storage

Commercial solar installations offer attractive electricity cost savings to customers. However, they do not reliably reduce demand charges which can be responsible for 50% of commercial electric bills.

Adding energy storage to a solar array improves the economics of the entire installation and secures your investment against climbing demand charges.

When solar production is not optimal or demand spikes at your facility, energy storage can help bridge the gap, discharging to avoid costly spikes in demand.

JSKYE has partnered with several providers of residential and commercial energy storage systems to provide homeowners and commercial businesses with a comprehensive solution for optimizing your solar investment.

Together both systems work to lower your electric bill – solar by overall consumption and storage by spikes in power demand.

Nipress catalog

Lithium NS48-50

NSGF 12-100H


NS FGB 12-100

NS OPzV2-300

Catalog NSAV

OPZV 2-1000A