JSKYE solar panels are a wise investment that will deliver returns for years to come. Whether you purchase our panels directly or select the financing option that is right for you, rest assured you will benefit from superior, affordable energy output for years to come.

Purchase directly

Maximizing the value of the returns of your hard work is important. Why earn a one percent return from a traditional savings account when you realize a significantly higher yield by investing in solar? The average return on investment on a JSKYE solar system is between eight and 10 percent—greater than a savings account and more stable than the stock market.

Finance only the best

Always insist on JSKYE solar panels. Only JSKYE solar panels deliver the highest quality, made in the Indonesia that has been proven time and again for more than 10 years. Many other private lenders offer attractive lease options for residential solar systems as well. But buyer beware: all solar is not created equal. Some may claim that all panels are the same and try to steer you to lower quality modules made overseas. Lower quality modules deliver lower performance, which equals lower savings and ongoing performance headaches.