Partners Program

JSKYE is proud to partner with the best inverters on the market to make a quality solar system at a competitive price point. JSKYE engaging the quality of collaboration are partnership in terms of technology & distributorship with several major companies.

Marketing. Event support. Product training.

Why start from scratch when you can partner with the nation’s largest solar manufacturer? By joining the JSKYE Accelerated Partnership Program or becoming a JSKYE Authorized Installer, you’ll benefit immediately from a wide range of complimentary services, cost-saving discounts and preferential status.

Plus, you’ll add value and credibility to your business by representing one of the most respected, top-performing and longest-producing solar solutions in the industry.

Accelerated Partnership Program

The Accelerated Partnership Program is designed to support companies who are new to solar or looking to grow their business through a low commitment partnership with JSKYE.


  • Fast track to Authorized Installer Program
  • Access to Partner Store
  • Access to training discounts

Eligibility Requirements

  • 6 months in solar
  • Minimum 25kw/year installed
  • Company website

Authorized Installer Program

The Authorized Installer Program is the most comprehensive and benefit – rich program available to our top tier installers. It is designed to incentivize your sales and help grow your business through a strong partnership with the leader in solar. The Authorized Installer Program exists to benefit and support companies who sell a large volume of JSKYE products annually. All benefits are based on volume and quality.

Residential Loan Program

JSKYE to make financing quick and convenient for our installers and homeowners alike. With a streamlined paperless process and flexible rate plans, your company can close more deals with a solar loan program that works.