A higher standard of quality

At JSKYE, our solar technologies are different because we’re different. This difference is demonstrated every day by our high quality standards, which go beyond quality assurance to elevate solar to unprecedented standards.

Our commitment to quality has powered our success for more than three decades. Unlike manufacturers of disposable electronics like cell phones and laptops, we create sophisticated solar technologies designed to produce clean energy for at least 25 years—even in some of the harshest weather conditions like blizzards, high winds, hail and coastal sea spray.

From inception to installation, we meticulously control and sustainably execute every step of the solar panel manufacturing process. The result is maximum, cost-effective performance from every JSKYE panel, every time.

Solar panel testing lab

We test, test and test again to deliver the industry’s most reliable panels

High temperatures. Biting frost. Heavy storms. Blowing sand. Dense snow loads. JSKYEsspecialists thoroughly test materials, prototypes and finished solar panels using climate chamber, electrical, mechanical and UV tests. This ensures optimal performance and durability—and maximizes return on your solar investment.

In fact, our testing goes far beyond the most stringent Indonesia and international standards, including the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), producing the best solar panels in the industry.

Quality in production

The more sunlight your solar panels capture, the more sunlight they convert into clean, efficient energy. JSKYE solar panels are designed detail by detail to capture as much of the sun’s rays as possible. Our solar panels are widely recognized as the industry standard in quality—testament to the stringent quality checks we perform during every second of the manufacturing process.

Solar panel automated manufacturing processResearch and Development. JSKYE R&D team is comprised of some of the sharpest minds in solar. This is where solar research and development excellence—and our dreams for a new panel or technology—begin.

Quality materials

At JSKYE, the highest-quality solar panels begin with the highest-quality materials. It’s not easy to be selected as a JSKYE supplier—or to maintain this distinction. Our quality assurance agreements require proof of manufacturing quality and environmental standards. We even audit our suppliers’ factories, and visually inspect every component that arrives at our production plant.

Materials that do not meet our standards do not continue into production. It’s that simple.

Solar manufacturing quality assurance

Safety glass. We meticulously inspect our thick, low-iron glass for any damage that could impact solar performance, including warping, perpendicularity, dimensions, edge finish, crystalline inclusions and bubbles. A special anti-reflection coating further maximizes efficiency and yield.

Backsheet. Few suppliers in the world can meet our high criteria for backsheet and EVA, which are critical for the long-term durability of solar panels—especially when exposed to extreme weather conditions and UV irradiation. Our standards are so high that out of over 80 backsheets and EVA tested, only 8 met our requirements.

JSKYE solar cell quality assurance testing Solar Cells. As the most integral component of any solar panel, we don’t trust the production of solar cells to anyone else. We manufacture every solar cell we use, transforming high-quality crystalline silicon wafers into high-performing solar cells.

  • Every solar cell is carefully inspected for possible damage and tested for specific tension and efficiency—only the highest quality solar cells continue into production.
  • Cells are classified according to color and power level, which enhances the solar panel’s appearance and ensures the highest power delivery – a step that is skipped by most other manufacturers.
  • Cells are then connected using five-busbar or three-busbar automated robotics technology.

Junction box. JSKYE’s compact yet robust junction boxes are welded to contacts for superior endurance. Heat is efficiently dissipated to safely maintain an ideal temperature while fused connections ensure optimum safety at peak mechanical and thermal loads. At the same time, high-quality silicone protects against corrosion and mechanical loads.

Frames. JSKYE frames support our solar panels with exceptional stability to easily withstand high loads, such as avalanching snow or hurricane-force winds. Our aluminum frames and cast-aluminum corner keys are assembled at our fully automated framing station, creating a joint that will not loosen over time. They are then filled with two-component silicone to ensure an extremely stable laminate-to-frame connection.

Product certifications

We believe that superior performance begins with superior quality. This is why JSKYE solar panels are independently certified by a multitude of agencies and organizations to meet and surpass stringent national and international standards.

These authoritative performance ratings, certifications and standards consistently confirm what we already know: from sourcing the highest quality materials and adopting sophisticated manufacturing processes to engineering custom-designed installations, we demonstrate our commitment to excellence time and again.

We back this commitment with our 25-year linear performance guarantee, the first introduced in the industry.

Our PV modules have been certified by the TUV, CE, CSA; SKY ENERGY is certified by ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 etc. As a leading PV manufacturer in Indonesia, our prioritized goal is to keep developing and producing high quality and high efficiency modules.