Good Corporate Governance

The implementation of Good Corporate Governance with the highest standards is the commitment of the Board of Commissioners (BOC), Board of Directors (BOD) and the employees of Sky Energy Indonesia. The implementation of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) founded on the principle of; transparency, accountability, responsibility, independence and fairness. Company always trying to implement all the basic principles throughout all of its activities in the best the interest of all stakeholders.

The five basic principles are explained as follows:
1. Transparency; openness of information on matters material and relevant information relating to the Company for the benefit of stakeholders.
2. Independence; done to ensure that the Company is professionally managed without a conflict of interest and free from influence or pressure from other party who does not comply with prevailing regulations and unfair business practices.
3. Accountability; refers to the separation of roles and responsibilities between the Board of Commissioners and Directors.
4. Responsibility; as shown by the risk management application that provides an early warning system in conducting business activities and responsibilities towards social issues, environment and development.
5. Fairness; refers to the consistency in paying attention to fairness and equality to meet stakeholders’ rights arising under the agreement and prevailing regulations.

In like with the commitment of the BOC and BOD to continuously enhance the implementation of GCG of the highest standards, Sky Energy Indonesia strives to strengthen the function of internal control, among other things by maximizing the roles and duties of its committees, in addition to applying the compliance function that is supported by the activities of both internal and external auditors.

In implementing the GCG, Nipress always ensure the proper management of competent human resource, risk management, prudent financial management, compliance to prevailing laws and regulations, and avoids conflicts of interest.